“AB Sense Technology™ presents a solution to address key problems plaguing the biomanufacturing industry”




Enabling Growth in the Bioprocessing Industry

AB Sense Technology™ addresses unmet needs in the bioprocessing industry. The lack of adequate disposable sensors hinders the growth and adoption rates of single-use bioreactors which will save the industry a significant amount of time and money. Our multi-analyte, single-use technology provides real-time monitoring for biomanufacturers at a low cost. For more information please see the full article at



The AB Advantage

Single-use sensors that respond to different biochemicals within same sensor platform, present low production cost, have faster response times and are compatible with multiple sterilization methods.


AB Sense Technology™ offers:



  • Ability to respond to multiple analytes (Glucose, pH, Osmolality, Lactate & more)
  • Fast response times in a wide range of concentrations
  • No inherent hysteresis
  • High sensitivity




  • Portability
  • Gamma sterilization compatibility
  • Minimal foreign material contact
  • Wireless telemetry
  • Low cost, single-use sensor





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