Bio-Process Control

Monitoring & Control are important for the biopharmaceutical industry 

In the recent years, there has been a big market shift for single-use bioreactors.  However, the lack of reliable single-use sensors is limiting the growth of this industry despite increasing demand. The current state of the art biosensors use amperometric and enzymatic methods which suffer from consumption of reagents leading to short finite lifetimes, limited sterilization techniques and responses to a small number of analytes. Moreover, the production of these sensors is cost prohibitive.





Simple solutions through AB Sense Technology™

Our system provides an inexpensive method for producing biosensors with unparalleled advantages. We provide single-use sensors that can be used for continuous multi-analyte monitoring at a significantly lower cost and with wireless telemetry. Some of the essential features of our technology are:

  • Multi-analyte monitoring: Now, our sensors can monitor Glucose, pH, Osmolality, Lactate & much more on ONE single platform.
  • Gamma sterilization compatible
  • Pre-calibrated, ready to use
  • Minimal foreign material contact
  • Customizable according to user needs
  • Wireless telemetry (if required)