“One simple yet robust technology that is applicable to numerous fields”

Where can YOU use our sensors?


Bio-Process Control

In the pharmaceutical industry, cell culture is the most common process in biopharmaceutical development, bioprocessing and biomanufacturing. All biopharmaceutical products are developed from large, complex protein molecules, which are grown in very specific and highly controlled liquid environments, inside a bioreactor.

The performance of a bioreactor depends largely on biosensors, which are used to monitor different biochemical levels inside a bioreactor such as pH, glucose, osmolality, dissolved oxygen and other important nutrients.  There are simply few sufficiently- robust single-use installable sensors, and single-use sensors remain limited to relatively few analytes. “We at AB are addressing this unmet need through our continuous multi-analyte single-use sensor“.

Medical Life Sciences

Key-metabolite monitoring is going to be one of the largest markets in the near-future. Biomonitoring sensors improve the quality of life for people suffering from chronic diseases. Biomonitoring sensors not only can be used for management and control of diseases but also assess efficacy and safety of therapies and promote development and discover new therapies.

We at AB are developing minimally invasive, low-cost and highly effective sensing technology that overcomes multiple limitations of the state-of-the-art biosensors“.

Future Possibilities

Here at AB, we ask ourselves every day:

How can we serve this world more through our technology?

How can we make a broader social impact through our scientific discoveries? 

Our innovative culture helps us to constantly discover new applications. We are developing an extraordinary technology that can be applied to different fields including:

    • Point-of-care diagnostics
    • Human metabolic monitoring
    • Water quality management
    • Dehydration monitoring
    • and much more !!