Thank you for your time and discussions at INTERPHEX 2016

Thank you for your time and valuable discussions at this year’s Interphex.


Proud to be a recipient of Utah Innovation Award 2015

Applied Biosensors is proud to be ranked  among top three most innovative BioTechnology companies in  Utah


Bioprocess sensor, reinvented

At Applied Biosensors (AB), we’re working to shape the future of biopharmaceutical production. Now, for the first time, a single sensor can be used for continuous long-term monitoring of multiple biochemicals.


Our single-use AB sense technology provides:

  • Continuous multi-biochemical monitoring (Glucose, Lactate, Osmolality & more)
  • No rigorous calibration
  • Sterilization compatible
  • Minimal foreign material contact
  • Wireless telemetry

A whole new biosensing platform, coming soon

Ready to use. Pre-calibrated. Compatible with all sterilization procedures. We’ve built a whole new technology to getting you answers.
  • Enormous value in AB technology

  • Products with unparalleled advantages

  • Overcomes the problems plaguing the bioprocess industry


Applied Biosensors is aspiring to be the world’s leader in the ‘continuous biomarker monitoring’ industry with a revolutionary technology that is simple yet robust.



AB sense technology presents a solution to address key problems plaguing bioprocess industry. Through our products, we provide essential tools that can be used for continuous multi-analyte monitoring at lower cost & with wireless telemetry.


This technology is applicable to a wide variety of fields. Single-use bioprocess control. Animal research. Water quality management. Dehydration monitoring. Clinical applications & much more.

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